Meet Henry—a graphic designer with a diploma from Capilano University’s IDEA Program and a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria born and raised in Vancouver B.C. He strives to create work that will be visually engaging, solve communication problems and live beyond our current culture. Attention to detail and commitment to craft is of the utmost importance. Please reach him at the email address below.
Henry is a graphic designer with an obsession for analog photography and good cheeseburgers
Print x Digital x Branding

University of British Columbia

2014+2015 Viewbooks, Admit Guides, and print collateral

Wesgrey Technical Project

Branding, digital, and print design

Jordan Sneaker History Series

Information design student project / Adobe award winner

From Now

Event branding, identity creation, web and poster design

Canadian History Type Posters

Group typography poster show

Sitka Surfboards

Graphic and apparel design

Youth Vital Signs

Information and data design for print and web

Reigning Champ Brand Book

Brand story and communications booklet

Cheshire Cheese Restaurant

Branding, menu layout, and web design

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