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My Design Process for Westerly Goods


I was interviewed by the homies at Westerly discussing the design process and story behind the identity I designed.

Check it here.


Mexico in February

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This trip was great… Could’ve extended it by a few months but… Half shot by me and half shot by Kira.

Annual No Phones Day


We weren’t sure if we could go 6 hours without our phones. So we documented the experiment with a disposable and a 6-pack.

Serious Case of the Mondays

Kings of the North Mondaze Vol III

Yo I actually had a case of the Mondays today. And even though this mix is chill as F, there was nothing that could cure it. The struggle is real folks but at least the 3 Amigos of the North hold down mellow sounds to soothe the blow of brutal days in front of a screen.

Recent Trip to Cali

California Series 1/8California Series 2/8California Series 3/8California Series 4/8California Series 5/8California Series 6/8California Series 7/8California Series 8/8

Went down to Cali at the end of November to grab some Vitamin D and brought my old Yashica with a couple rolls of film. Hope you enjoy the mini series.

Design for Imagine 1 Day Holiday Fundraiser

Imagine1Day Card HenrySlaughter_web

I was approached to be part of a group of designers to create a card for Imagine 1 Day holiday fundraising initiative this year to support children’s education in Sinana, Ethiopia.

Please go to the website to see the whole campaign and make a donation.

More Film From Summer


Late October back to September in Vancouver, Seymour and Lighthouse Park.

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